Innovation of the digital pre-spaced graphicsFANTA STICK®

Text and/or pics can be mirror-image printed in vector format, on transparent FANTA STICK medium, with digital printers and using flexible UV or Latex inks.

Every printed dot is made adhesive through precision application of the “F2” adhesion promoter. The image is transferred onto the intested surface by means of “CeraStick” paper and fixing of the FANTA STICK transfer medium, which functions as the application tape.
Next, pressure is manually applied with a spatula over the entire printed area so that it adheres perfectly to the surface and then the transfer medium is removed, leaving behind perfectly contour-cut images. With FANTA STICK we now have the possibility to create innovative graphics featuring colour and contour-cut results impossible to achieve with cutting plotters or silk-screen printing process, and to apply them onto smooth surfaces.



Ecco alcuni video che ti illustrano alcune pratiche applicazioni del FANTA STICK prespaziato digitale oppure
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A video that focus on the FANTA STICK® strengths: details already contour-cut and unattainable precision with other techniques


digital prespaced FANTA STICK®

How to prepare files and complete price list based on the size of the form.