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TATTOOWALL FANTA STICK® digital pre-spaced graphics

Pre-spaced graphics as we know them consist of lettering or line drawings from vector art files, cut from monochrome adhesive film with cutting plotters. The film can be trimmed for positive or negative image compositions. An additional adhesive film known as application tape is applied over this film. The purpose of the application tape is to transfer the positive or negative lettering and/or drawings from the paper to the surface that we want to decorate.

Conventional pre-spaced products have drawbacks, however, cutting, trimming and applying the application tape require long process times and it can be very difficult, or even impossible, to apply small-size text or drawings. Also, due to adhesion issues, it might be impossible to use them to decorate unfinished surfaces such as plaster walls, wood, textured drywall or in the presence of spot lamps or other heat sources. Time is also an issue when it comes to decorating a wall with multicolour wording, drawings or shapes: this is due to the need of printing the image with a digital printer or other printing systems. The print must include registration marks so that a camera-equipped plotter can reference them and do the precision plotting. Finally, trimmed parts will be removed and the application tape positioned.

TATTOOWALL FANTA STICK brings innovation to digital pre-spaced graphics. Text and/or pics can be mirror-image printed, not necessarily from vector format, on a transparent TATTOOWALL FANTA STICK® medium with digital printers using flexible UV or latex inks. Every printed dot is then made adhesive through precision application of an “F2” adhesion promoter. In this way, we will obtain adhesive texts or images, which will need to be protected with “CeraStick” wax paper for handling and transportation; the TATTOOWALL FANTA STICK® transfer medium, working as the application tape, is then fixed. The entire printed area is then pressed manually with a spatula or another tool so that it adheres perfectly to the surface. When this step is completed, the transfer medium is removed, leaving behind perfectly contour-cut images.

Surfaces suitable for decoration: with TATTOOWALL FANTA STICK® we can decorate or print any smooth or textured surface, including, among others, plaster, wood, metal and plastic. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors. It is crucial to choose the appropriate printing inks and glues for the intended surface: rigid, flexible, removable or permanent.

Performance features: with digital pre-spaced TATTOOWALL FANTA STICK®we overcome most of the limitations of traditional cutting plotters and avoid the use of vinyl adhesive films and the processes associated with them, such as cutting, film peeling, and application taping. This results in significant time and cost savings, plus, by avoiding the use of PVC and vinyl, a definitely more eco-friendly process.

With TATTOOWALL FANTA STICK® we can now create innovative graphics featuring colour and contour-cut results impossible to achieve with cutting plotters or silk-screen printing process, and apply them onto any surface, smooth or textured.

Here’s what you can do with TATTOOWALL FANTA STICK®:

  • Reproducing line drawings with endless colour gradation options
  • Etch-style decorative art, with irregular marks of any size and architectural shape
  • Contour-cut graphic or photogra0phic art
  • Graphic transparencies and tone-on-tone effects
  • Transferring very small lettering with complex characters onto wall surfaces
  • Possibility of reproducing images with expanded dithering or line drawings from eps files.



digital prespaced FANTA STICK®

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