About Fanta Stick®

FANTA STICK® digital pre-spaced

The traditional pre-spaced we know is made up of letters or line drawings coming from vector files cut with a cutting plotter on monochrome adhesive film. It can be scraped for positive or negative compositions. On the film thus treated, an additional adhesive film called application-tape is spread which has the purpose of transporting positive or negative letters and/or drawings from the paper support to the surface to be decorated.




  • It is not thick and shiny
  • It is not a vinyl but a simple adhesive ink, giving a drawing effect on the wall
  • Reproduces spontaneous drawings with infinite chromatic gradations
  • Works with RAL or Pantone colours
  • Transfers very small texts with complex characters onto wall surfaces
  • Gives possibility of graphic transparency and tone on tone

Pre-spaced problems:

  • long times to cut, to strip, to apply the application tape
  • considerable difficulties or impossibility of application in the case of texts or drawings of small dimensions
  • if you have to decorate a wall with texts, drawings or multicolored shapes, times are very long

Performance features with Fantastick: It gives us the possibility of making up for a large part of traditional cutting plotters, of avoiding vinyl adhesive films and all the processes connected to them such as: cutting, peeling, application with application-tape; all this with considerable savings in time and costs, and excluding the use of PVC and vinyl for a much more ecological performance.

Fantastick® innovation: The technique consists in printing texts and/or cut images on the Fantastick® support with UV digital printers. A particular gripping agent is then printed in register which will make each printed point adhesive. We will thus obtain adhesive texts or cut images read to be applied.

Decorateable surfaces: with Fantastick® you can decorate any smooth or semi-rough surface of various kinds such as plaster, wood, metal, plastic. Indoor and outdoor applications will be possible; the second ones only spreading an external resin that gives warranty.

Traditional prespaced and Fantastick are two different products that coexist and are used to satisfy different needs.



digital prespaced FANTA STICK®

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